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Why use ISODAX?

ISODAX gives our customers a unique opportunity to combine state of the art products with core expertise.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX focus. All Isodax resources are specialized in different areas of the Dynamics AX application, and can optimize the use of the business logic.

  • Total solutions. Isodax network ensures the customers need for total solutions, within the Microsoft platform. In Isodax network we have allied together with experts on different Microsoft technologies, Hosting on Microsoft platform as well as hardware and software purchases.

  • Value based projects. Isodax approach is done from a value based perspective, that ensures that your investments have a realistic Return On Investment.

Resource model

ISODAX uses a long range of specialists, both freelance or companies that have large field of expertise within specific areas. The advantages of this method for the selection of resources are:

  • All persons participating on a project are qualified with a track record.

  • Any resource assigned to a project can be guaranteed for a specific project period to avoid "lost knowledge" on a project due to resource changes.

  • ISODAX projects consist of project participants working in their core area of expertise, and can in the core field advise and bring greater knowledge and value to the project.

This approach ensures that only qualified resources participate on the customer projects.


Our experience in delivering high value projects on Microsoft Dynamics Ax has been developed over the last 20+ years.
With a background in Damgaard Development and as member of the team in charge of developing, designing and testing the logistic, warehouse management and production modules, the foundation for Dynamics AX projects had been established.
Participating in business analysis, implementing, designing, stabilizing and optimizing Microsoft Dynamics AX projects all over the world has given a track background of more than 100 Microsoft Dynamics AX projects, national as well as international.

We value our customers as business partners and make it our business to understand their business.

"Many know how Dynamics AX works but few partners know how to make Dynamics AX work for your business."