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Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner

Isodax specializes in providing total solutions for trading and industrial companies, who choose Microsoft Dynamics AX as their company platform. By combining the powerful business logic in Microsoft Dynamics AX with the surrounding Microsoft technologies, we take the application to the next level,
and effectuate the full potential for our customers needs on the IT platform.

Intelligent Solutions

Isodax offers an experienced team of hands-on professionals, with core focus and in-depth knowledge on the customers critical business areas, which is needed to make rapid, effective and optimized solutions.

Isodax focuses on realizing the full IT potential for our customers. By making the business application role- and rule-based, the business application supports the entire supply chain, reacting on the employees input.
By unleashing the full capability of Microsoft Dynamics AX, we help our customers increase their performance and efficiency.

Providing knowledge

Part of the Isodax strategy is to be able to provide the best of the best. For that we have allied with companies and specialists providing the best knowledge in their areas and joining the Isodax network.

As a customer in Isodax you will have access to expert resources, typically initial participants within architecture, development and test on the product that has become Microsoft Dynamics AX and Senior Consultants on Microsoft Dynamics AX, all with a proven track record.

Microsoft Dynamics

Linking Tomorrows Solutions

Isodax provides core competencies to Microsoft Dynamics AX, linking business solutions with the surrounding technological opportunities.