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Microsoft Dynamics AX™

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Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly known as Navision Axapta) is an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system for midsize to large companies.

The system works like familiar Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office and is easy for end-users to master. As a Microsoft product, Dynamics AX also integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft software such as SharePoint, Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Although Microsoft Dynamics AX comes with a wealth of features, most companies choose to adapt and customize the solution to fit their particular needs. The system contains an integrated development studio and is shipped with the full source code, meaning that any aspect of the system can easily be customized.

LINQ Dynamics AX

LINQ Dynamics AX, includes a range of tools that greatly reduce development time when making integrations to Microsoft Dynamics AX. LINQ offers a structured approach when making integrations not only for Microsoft Dynamics AX but also a range of other technologies like Microsoft SQL and XML. There is no configuration needed within Microsoft Dynamics AX, allowing Visual Studio developers to use Microsoft Dynamics AX without any X++ skills or additional consultancy to get started.

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The Inventory II module for Microsoft Dynamics AX is an extension to the standard Inventory module. Inventory II applies speed and simplicity to the standard Inventory module. Inventory II is the right choice for companies looking for real-time advanced inventory management, high scale transaction volume capabilities or 24/7 operation.

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